First school flight lesson

Interested in motor flying but the dream is not yet realized? Claim your own cockpit, be guided and experience the joy of flying. In addition to the flight, you will see and experience flight preparation with the guidance of a teacher.

If the student goes on to license training, the first flight can be approved for the benefit of the student in one flying lesson! So it is not a public or demonstration flight, but the first flight to school is also covered by exactly the same aeronautical law specifications, for example insurance.


  • training program exercises 1 / 1E and 3
  • pre-flight inspection, emergency response (har. 1 / 1E)
  • pilot’s flight time about 20 minutes flight (exercise 3)
  • post-flight paperwork

Your first school flight is an unforgettable experience and the best gift for a loved one.

Buy your first school flight!