Distance learning

TTT-Aviation offers the first in Finland and in Europe the possibility to study private pilot license theoretical part in distance learning portal, both in Finnish and in English. To start distance education you get yourself a distance learning portal user accounts, in addition to course books and lecture materials in paper form. In addition, we will provide the students self-study DVDs (CBT, Computer Based Training), which the student can deepen their theoretical knowledge and flight exercises study and rehearse things after the theory course. We are the only flight school in Finland that use such a method, and we have seen that they enhance student learning and reduce the need for additional flight hours.

In Distance learning you familiarize yourself with distance learning materials in advance at home and doing progress tests in distance learning portal. Once you have completed progress test exams successfully we will organize your face-to-face teaching episode (ground school), where with the theory teacher face to face recalls the difficult issues before the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi tests students in their own tests.

Now you can study whenever you want, regardless of time and place.

During distance learning, you are not alone! TTT-Aviation flight instructors and theory instructors are available to you if you will study issues related to. We also track the progress of your studies in distance learning portal and we advise you wherever you are.

Depending on the ratings, you can fly almost any airplane with a PPL. The most common rating is for single-engine piston engine airplanes

The LAPL is intended as a more affordable option for the hobbyist. The aircraft must not exceed four persons and the maximum take-off mass is 2000 kg.

The PPL and LAPL licenses are subject to the same theory training as distance learning through e-learning suitable for your time use and on your own computer. Due to government regulations, it also includes a two-day contact class. The remote theory course holder receives a certificate of theoretical knowledge that is valid for the LAPL and PPL licenses. Training is also fully considered for the Ultimate Light Pilot License (UPL).

In the first instance, the LAPL is cheaper than the PPL. This is due to the lower flight hours of the flight section. An LAPL can easily be converted to a PPL by flying additional conversion training and flight test. Conversion training costs roughly the difference between PPL and LAPL licenses.

The benefits of distance learning are:

  • you can start the course anytime
  • you can study the course at any time
  • study time is 2 years from the start
  • it is easy to send questions to the teacher
  • the content is always up to date and constantly updated
  • the pass rate of the official examinations is significantly higher than that of the contact classes

Completion of the course requires approved completion of all modules. The holder of an EASA license for other aircraft categories is required to complete only Modules 2 and 3.

Theory Module 1
Module contains the following subjects:

Aviation legislation
Human performance and
Radiotelephony and

Theory Module 2
The module contains the subjects

Flight theory
Airplane general knowledge

Theory Module 3

The module contains the subjects

Performance and flight planning
air Navigation
Flight Operations and safety

Distance learning includes:
– Latest aeronautical charts, textbooks, written lecture materials
– Interactive teaching materials (computer based training)
– Usernames for the Fly Distance Learning Portal, which is entirely in Finnish
– Possibility to ask teachers by email or phone about your concerns
– A contact lesson where things are covered before Traf’s final exams
– The instructors in the contact class are all Finnish professional pilots and have previously served as flight instructors on Patria and Salpaus Flight

You can also study simple theories with us, and you can study flight flying at another flying school or flying club, for example. The price of the distance learning theory package alone is the cheapest in Finland at EUR 1000 including VAT 24.

The price does not include the following government and similar fees:
– Trafi Language Examination (ICAO Level 3), EUR 150
– Trafi theory tests (9 tests), totaling € 297
– Aero medical examination fee (Medikaali 2), approx. 250 euros
– Medical certificate of EUR 120
– Redemption fee for private pilot license, EUR 120
– Inspector Fee for Inspection Flight (Starting from 150 Euro)

A license is perpetual and may be exercised with a valid medical certificate and by a bimonthly refresher or examination.

The commencement of distance learning is subject to authorization by the authorities. We will provide further information on this subject if necessary.

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