High-quality flight training on your own schedule

TTT-Aviation was founded in 2009, Finnish flight school.


We want to be pioneers in Finnish aviation, by providing high quality flight training cost-effectively without sacrificing the customer’s terms of environmental friendliness. The cornerstones of our operations are as follows:



1. Good customer service

Overall, our operations focus is always the customer. This means direct and honest communication, and transparency. Our pricing is clear, with no hidden extra costs. Training schedules are always tailored to your needs. We offer instruction so on weekdays than on weekends. In addition, throughout the training period the customer can put forward ideas to improve We want to continuously develop our customer service.

2. Quality training

We offer our customers high-quality and safe air flight training, whether it be the first step in the pilot’s profession or hobby sights flight. Quality education in Aviation consists of the following things: quality of teaching materials, the latest technology use in education, good teaching and a safe aviation practices and high-quality tools for use in an airplane. High-quality training is an essential thing we believe in flying. TTT-Aviation’s flight instructors and staff are always on additional training and upgrading their skills so they can provide you with the best possible education.

3. Safe aircraft fleet

Use of TTT-Aviation’s aircraft fleet consists of Cessna. These aircraft types have been trained in the world the world the most. We have wanted since the beginning of the student to choose a safe aircraft to flying Learning is very safe. In addition to safe aircraft we use additional equipment will increase air safety substantially. These include, for example: carbon monoxide detectors all of his airplanes, the use of the aircraft for moving the drawbar, stall testing instrument, aircraft wing bags and heaters for outdoor storage. All maintenance TTT-Aviation aircraft makes the aircraft repair shop that meets the EASA regulations. With respect to use of the equipment is zero tolerance, ie, if there is any issue not in order then it will be corrected first, and only then will fly. Students and teachers will tell directly on weaknesses.

4. Professional flight instructors

TTT-Aviation flight instructors who work there are also professional pilots. This means for the customer that you will learn safe methods of the flight preparation as the flight. This means a professional presentation of the weight calculations, performance calculation, check the weather, check the wind components before the flight, as well as the professional way to inspect the aircraft and use the checklists. In addition, used radiophraseology and other follow-up practices, for example, aircraft fuel consumption management and CRM is based on airlines model. Almost ten of our students have already studied or studying as professional. TTT-Aviation strongly believes that learning is a continuous process. This means continuous self-development and learning new things. We teach our students ever since that they will maintain and develop their skills from the beginning. In addition, the flight safe attitude of the world since the beginning of the adoption of importance. We teach that no unnecessary risks are worth taking, but to play things safe. A few things to mention, for example, by checking the aircraft carefully to notice problems before the flight departure, carefully check the weather before flight does not drift into bad säihin and by reserving sufficient additional fuel and by planning an alternative operation in advance if the weather happened to be deteriorated increase safety substantially.