English profiency test

English profiency test

You need a labeling of ICAO English language proficiency test in your pilot license which is required by the International Civil aviation organisation:

flying abroad.
using the English language in radio communications in Finland.
using an instrument rating priviledges.

You can get English Language Proficiency endorsement on your pilot licenses In carrying out proficiency tests with Trafis authorized english profiency inspector.

Trafi gives anguage proficiency test certificate based on english profiency test. Authorized multilingual inspector may make in license the extension of indication multilingual endorsement.

Language skills subscription period of validity of the license depends on the class and level of language skills. Language endorsements are valid as follows:

Level 6 is open-ended and does not need new ones.
Level 5 is valid for six years.
Level 4 is valid for the flight crew for four years and air navigation staff of three years.

R/T E labelling
R /T E label remains a national sport aviators indication, and the holder can be used for aviation radio communications in English in Finnish territory in the framework of their certifications. The label approval requirement is not in other ICAO member states. Abroad, operating in the sport aviators must be multilingual labeling as required by ICAO.

Read more about proficiency assessment Trafi the Implementing Measures for the assessment of language proficiency in the skill test or proficiency check

Authorized English language inspectors: Look here

Please note that the first proficiency test as you complete you will need to choose a person who reads the initial, then rebuilds can manage anyone of authorized examiners.

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